Rant: Boomers and Reading (Legacy Ver.)

Rant: "Boomers and Reading"

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NOTICE: If you're a boomer, this will be offensive. Get the TV remote and newspaper ready.

I'm tired of boomers saying that us Gen Z'ers don't read enough books. Well guess what, Debra? You don't read books, either. You just sit on your couch all day, watching Fox News. And why don't we read books? Simple. We don't want to. I would much rather sit down and watch a colorful movie than read a bunch of black words on sheets of white paper. With a movie, I have:

With books, I have:

Of course, there's the "use your imagination!" argument. Sorry, but I stopped using my imagination when I was 11. I want to see what the story looks like. I want to stay entertained by something understandable instead of getting lost in a sea of words. I want my eyes to be entertained, not bored. I already hate visualizing stuff as is, and I don't want to visualize a whole multi-chapter story.

You might say, "but I can take a book anywhere!" Well, I can take a movie anywhere, be it on a laptop, a phone, a flash drive, a Blu-Ray disc, a DVD, a fucking VHS tape, or even a VideoNow. And yeah, those need electricity. But before you say "you can read anytime!", last I heard we don't have night vision. You're going to need a light if you want to read at night and that requires... electricity!

And the last argument you'll bring up, "reading's good for you!" You want to know what isn't good? Sitting all day in a chair in a classroom, learning some bullshit we're never going to use, while breathing in the air from your diesel on our way home. You know what is healthy? Working out, eating healthfully, and maintaining an active lifestyle. That's something that you don't do, so why do you expect us to do it?

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