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NOTICE: I basically don't care about this site anymore, so I'll be switching this domain over to my other site, marshmellosucks.neocities.org. This site will continue to operate under marshmellosucks.github.io. fcm.wtf will also be dropped in favor of fcmst.cc when the current domain expires.

Fuck the police.

Hello! My name is Ferry Corsten > Marshmello! I love old A/V equipment and am a Linux user, an atheist, and a 9th grade student.

Here's my cat, Millie! She's fat, fluffy, and loveable.


And here's Sophie! She's a new cat, but I love her just as much.


I made a Discord bot called Arinand! Invite it to your server here. I also made a cable guide because I was really bored.

Thanks for visiting my site!

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